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Yongzhou yu xiang diving co., LTD

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Our company is a specialized in diving technical consultation、The certificate、Wreck removal、Underwater welding、Water plugging、Underwater photography and underwater diving companies of various kinds of engineering work,The source of the rise Yu Xiangjiang yongzhou,An active part in the tide of reform and development of production and construction,For diving career development and infrastructure construction in our country,The contribution of his own wisdom、Enthusiasm and persistence。
The company2012Years since its founding,Has accomplished the main construction projects are underwater:
A、On limited capacity tianhe car ferry salvage。
2、Guangxi liu shop troubleshooting guide vane water power station。
3、Xiang-gui railway xiangjiang river bridge, a bridge、Double-wall steel cofferdam underwater cutting project second bridge。
Four、Sanya, south China sea fleet submarine cable protection engineering。
Company is mainly engaged in diving technical consultation、The salvage、Rescue and various kinds of underwater engineering。

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